Nobel Prize Winning Discovery: Energy “Ignition” Molecule Hidden In Ancient “Food Of The Gods”


Here’s How You Can Use This Molecule To
“Reignite” Your Body With Energy, Focus, And Strength

In Ancient Egypt, there was a wild plant said to give supernatural powers and eternal life.

Upon eating the plant, the user’s eyes would widen upon feeling a sudden rush of energy.

Their focus would heighten.

Any fog surrounding their brain was lifted.

And if someone continued to eat the plant, they’d go on to live 10, 20, even 30 years longer than the average life-expectancy.

But even more impressively, users of this plant wouldn’t be frail or bed-ridden in their old age.

They would continue to live an active life - farming the fields, attending festivals, and enjoying laughs with their families.

This may sound like some Egyptian folklore that’s been embellished through the years, but then the Ancient Romans attested to this plant’s “supernatural” powers.

And the Romans even went as far as calling this plant “The Food of the Gods”.

But is there any truth to the myths surrounding this plant’s “powers”?

Amazingly, the answer is yes.

See, the source of this plant's “power” is an energy “ignition” molecule that’s used by EVERY cell of your body.

And since the Nobel-Prize-Winning discovery of this molecule in 1906, scientists have come to believe that this molecule could hold the key to youth, energy, and supercharged brain function - at ANY age.

The only problem is, if you’re not taking actions to support your body’s supply of this molecule like most of society, your supply of this energy “ignition” molecule depletes with every second that passes.

Luckily, there are three natural ways you can bolster your supply of this molecule.

What Is This Energy “Ignition” Molecule And How Does It Work?

Your middle school biology teacher may have told you that “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”. But what she didn’t tell you is that there’s another molecule that “activates” your mitochondria.

This cellular “ignition” molecule is called “NAD”, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

And NAD comes with a whole host of benefits, like:

Youthful Energy

Children can run, talk, and play for hours without exhaustion because their NAD levels are the highest they’ll ever be. And adults with higher NAD levels are able to steal some of this youthful energy for themselves.[1] As a result, they’re able to make it through the day without a nap, and even skip the morning caffeine (not that they’d want to).

Erasing Wrinkles

You may have heard of collagen before. It’s the protein that makes up our hair, nails, and skin. Well, German study showed that NAD’s interactions with signaling proteins increases the body’s use of collagen, creating stronger hair and nails.[2] Even more amazingly, this increase of collagen synthesis can even reverse visible signs of aging.

Additionally, a study from a college of medicine found that NAD can support younger looking skin by protecting the skin from DNA damage.[3]

Physical Strength

In a 2017 study from Switzerland, NAD was shown to improve muscle function - resulting in more strength, mobility, and power.[4] Other studies have led to even more amazing discoveries. For example, many men and women fall prey to aches, pains, and dysfunction as they age. This is due to age related muscle loss. But some studies have found that NAD can actually prevent this age related muscle loss, allowing men and women to maintain their function - even in old age.[5]

Hyper-Focus And Clarity

One of NAD’s functions is nourishing your brain cells with energy. This is what allows your brain cells to function optimally and give you the brainpower, focus, and thinking clarity you crave.

Fat Loss

Fat Loss: Researchers from University of Texas have confirmed that one of the reasons kids are able to eat cakes, cookies, and donuts without gaining an ounce has to do with their soaring NAD levels.[6] Texas researchers discovered that NAD plays a key role in determining how carbs are converted into fat. And in simple terms, the less NAD you have, the MORE carbs and sugar are going to be stockpiled around your belly, waist, and thighs.

This means that when you boost your NAD naturally, you’ll be in position to store LESS fat.

Protection From Aging

NAD’s most powerful benefit is that it protects men and women from aging. Whereas many men and women begin to degrade physically and mentally as they age, those with higher NAD levels stay in a kind of time capsule - they don’t experience the same wear and tear as everyone else.

How does NAD protect people from aging?


Well, one of the Hallmarks of Aging is mitochondrial dysfunction. When mitochondria start to degrade, the overall function of your body drops off a cliff. But as shown in multiple Nobel Prize winning studies, NAD gives your mitochondria the power they need to energize your cells.

This means while everyone else struggles to walk as they age, those with higher NAD levels can still go on jogs. Instead of their muscles vanishing, those with higher NAD levels are able to lift weights. Instead of forgetting why they entered a room, or where they put their phone, those with higher NAD levels stay sharp as a samurai sword.

And this is why the wild plant loaded with NAD was said to give supernatural powers and eternal youth.

But How Does NAD Provide All These “Supernatural” Benefits?


In simple terms, NAD works like an ignition system for your cells

Just like when you turn a key to start the car, and vast amounts of energy are transported from the motor-starter to the engine, NAD does the same thing inside of a cell before energy is actually created.

And this is what makes NAD so important.

Without it, no energy is created. And when no energy is created your body stops functioning.

And this brings up an important point:

Because NAD is critical to our function as humans, as our NAD supply depletes, our human function slides downhill with it.

And a depleting NAD supply could be responsible for:

  • Constantly needing caffeine throughout the day
  • Struggling to find energy for the gym
  • Muscle weakness
  • Stubborn fat that won’t go away, no matter how steep the caloric deficit
  • Brain fog and mental fatigue

And this is where things get sticky, because…

Our NAD Levels Are Dropping Faster Than Ever Before


See, throughout history, our NAD supplies depleted at a healthy rate.

However, as technology advanced, luxuries became the norm, and society progressed, our NAD levels became compromised.

Our once easy-going lives became loaded with activity - giving way to stress that chews up your NAD supply.

Our once natural and clean foods became peppered with GMOs and toxins - further eating into our NAD supplies.

Our grocery store shelves became furnished with comfort foods - foods that widen our waistlines, which gobbles up our NAD supplies.

The excessive alcohol consumption, the fast-food on every corner, blue light that disrupts sleep, sedentary lifestyles, water polluted with metals…

All of this has compromised our NAD levels.

It’s not a reach to say that every choice you make either feeds or eats away at your NAD supply.

And this is why your energy levels drop off a cliff when you reach your mid-20s.

It’s why it takes you 72 hours to recover from a poor night of sleep, or a night of drinking.

It’s why we could eat whatever we wanted as a kid, but now need to watch what you eat to avoid weight gain and brain fog.

But it’s not all bad news…

Because there ARE ways to restore your NAD levels.

And Here's What Happens When You Take Steps
To Increase Your NAD Levels Naturally

"Better sleep. This was the very first thing I noticed, the second night in fact. I fall asleep quickly, the sleep is deep and dream-filled (in a good way) and I wake up refreshed…

… I walk up three flights of stairs multiple times per day for work. Before I always had some knee pain and ignored it as part of aging. That is now gone and I can quickly power up and down the stairs with no problem. Took about a week to notice this change…

…I seem to have more endurance. Highly anecdotal as I don’t work out regularly, but during the last few workouts I could easily push myself and seemed to recover quickly with little muscle soreness afterwards.

…Increased energy. This one’s difficult to quantify, and it’s maybe a combined side effect of the above. It’s not really a speedy, caffeinated feeling, just that I have more energy to do things. More pep in my step, an energetic lightness in my body, more desire to go out with friends after work instead of collapsing into a tired heap.

RJ, 38

More energized, i feel the same when i go to work in the morning and come back home at evening. I used to get extremely foggy in the morning and tired at night. I dont get tired... why?

Improved mental sharpness, feeling more awake than ever,

Better mood, feel happier without any particular reasons to be.. tranquil feeling and peace in mind..

My eyes are less dry

I sleep well and its not hard to wake up in the morning. I sleep for 6 hours and im not tired at all.

I hope this continues

- Sarah, 33

"I exercise 3-5 times a week, run + gym. Work a cognitively demanding and stressful job. Have some low level depression in the background, but not taking any prescribed anti-depressants.

Holy sh**... That mental exhaustion I'd have at the end of the day dissipated. Previously, I'd get home from work, begrudgingly go to the gym, get home and be too exhausted for anything else.

Now I’m going to the gym, studying while at the gym in between breaks, and also doing harder workouts. My brain felt like it needed to be constantly occupied so I'd always have a podcast playing in my ears. At home it would be 10pm, but my brain felt awake like it was still 11am. With this extra cognitive capacity I started thinking about expanding my career in ways I previously would not have."

- Nick, 27


So how do you boost your NAD supply naturally?

Luckily, it’s not rocket-science. Here’s how it’s done:

3 Ways to Restore Your NAD Levels Naturally


Method #1: Get "Healthy Stress" With Time-Restricted Feeding

Time restricted eating and calorie restriction can help restore your NAD supply. How? Time restricted eating and calorie restriction both expose your body to a healthy dose of stress. And this healthy dose of stress sparks the recycling of NAD (instead of the destruction of it).

This was confirmed in a 2010 study from Japan, where researchers determined that fasting increases NAD supply by activating energy-modulating genes.[7]

But this doesn’t mean that you can just cut your calories, or eat once a day, cross your fingers, and hope your NAD supply skyrockets

Because research from USC shows that too much dietary restriction can actually have the opposite effect on your NAD levels.[8]

The contradicting results from these studies come from misinformation surrounding time-restricted eating (AKA fasting). Truth is, some fasting advice is downright dangerous, with some people doing damage to their thyroid and disrupting the way their bodies burn calories.

On another note, there are also specific foods (that may already be in your cabinet) that can support soaring NAD levels. Some examples include mushrooms, sardines, and asparagus.

All of this said, the WAY you eat carries more weight than WHAT you eat.

And in a second, I’ll show you how to successfully eat in a simple, non-confined way that boosts NAD.


Method #2: Realign Your Circadian Rhythm

As I mentioned above, if you’re underslept, your NAD supply will thin out. Why? Because your NAD supply is linked with your circadian rhythms. And if you don’t know, your circadian rhythms are the internal processes that regulate your sleep-wake cycle.

On top of that, when you’re underslept, your body suppresses certain signaling proteins. This eats into your NAD supply even further

But you don’t have to be in bed at 9 every night if you want to boost your NAD levels. You don’t even need to get 8-10 hours of sleep every night, either.

I’ll share exactly how to sleep to bolster your NAD supply in a second.


Method #3: Exercise

All exercise is not created equal when it comes to your NAD levels. In fact, some of the most common types of exercise, the types of exercise you seeing being done at gyms around the world actually chew up your NAD levels. 

This aside, the fitter you are, the bigger your bank of NAD will be, whether you're young or old.

And in a second, I'm going to share exactly how to 

Putting It All Together

Over the past three years, I’ve made myself a guinea pig in an attempt to find the easiest, simplest, and most effective ways to boost NAD.

I’ve tinkered with multiple different eating windows, cycled different foods in my diet, used different hacks to sleep less while waking up feeling more refreshed, and spent literally thousands on supplements to separate the snakeoil from the real players.

And during this journey, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on bloodwork to see what actually improved my NAD supply, and what didn’t.

After three years of testing, I compiled all the winning methods in a guide that literally holds your hand in giving you the exact routine that will help you boost and optimize your NAD.

Introducing The Circadian NAD+ Activation System - The ONLY Guide That Shows You How to Eat, Sleep, Exercise, And LIVE For Higher NAD Levels

The Circadian NAD Activation System is a done for you guide that holds your hand through the process of boosting your NAD supply naturally.

This results in surging energy levels, heightened brain power, increased physical vigor, protection from aging, and much more.

The reason it works so well? It comes from over three years of research, trial and error, and field-testing to find the highest-impact ways to lift your NAD levels.

What it’s not:

This plan is NOT a complex guide that requires you to harvest superfoods from the Amazon, follow a two hour morning routine, spend hours in the gym, or starve yourself for days on end.

I know that life is busy, which is why I made this guide as easy to follow as possible.

There’s no guessing required. No confusion required.

As long as you follow what’s laid out for you, you’ll find success.

And that means:

  • Waking up so refreshed and rejuvenated, you could skip your morning coffee (not that you’d want to)
  • Thinking with focus and clarity 
  • Lifting heavier weights in the gym
  • Enjoying uninterrupted focus for hours on end
  • Watching your skin get brighter and tighter
  • Enjoying youthful energy again
  • And much more

All you have to do is follow the system, which is realistic, enjoyable, and easy-to-follow.

What's Unique About The Circadian NAD+ Activation System?

The Circadian NAD Activation System is the only guide to naturally increasing your NAD supply.

Where many quick-fixes out there lack sufficient research, and others just don’t work, the Circadian NAD Activation System is backed by 3 Nobel Prize Winning studies, as well as over 11,000 research papers.

On top of that, this is a system.

That means the results can be replicated, as long as you follow the system.

There’s no guesswork. No confusion. Everything’s laid out in a way that ensures your success.

Backed By Siim Land’s Turn Back The Clock Guarantee


The NAD Circadian Activation System is proven to help you restore optimal function to your body and turn back the clock.

It’s backed by Nobel-Prize-Winning research, and over 11,608 studies.

Plus, for just 97 bucks, it’s an absolute steal.

But I understand people want to give it a test-drive before they make any serious commitments.

So grab the Circadian NAD Activation System today.

And if for some strange reason, you don’t find the results you’re looking for after following the system exactly as it’s laid out, send an email to [email protected] and I’ll return your investment with a smile.

More than that, I’ll give you expert guidance on the best way to achieve your goals.

This way, you have complete confidence that The NAD Circadian Activation System will work for you, or you pay nothing.

But I seriously doubt that will happen.

Because like I said, this system has been research-backed and field-tested.

So it works, or you pay nothing.

So How Much Is The Circadian NAD+ Activation System?


You already know how more NAD can transform your life…

… Youthful energy, erasing wrinkles, physical strength, sharper brain function, protection from aging, and more.

You know this system is backed by three Nobel Prize Winning studies.

And you’ve seen the dramatic results it delivers.

The only question is... How much is it?

The NAD Circadian Activation System is the product of YEARS of dense research, trial and error, and field-testing.

The benefits it can deliver are absolutely life changing.

And the method itself can save you a small fortune on groceries, prescriptions, and other health related bills.

I could easily charge $500+ for access to this blueprint.

Because up until now, I haven’t shared this information publicly - only on private coaching calls (which run for $200 a pop).

But it’s my goal to empower people.

I want to put control of their health in THEIR hands and give them the tools to survive in a toxic world.

So I won’t even charge one-tenth of the $500 I could charge for this.


When you answer the call to fight back against aging and optimize your body TODAY, you can gain access to The Circadian NAD Activation Plan for just:


But, when you during launch week, you can gain access for just:



Boost My NAD Levels Naturally

Take Control Of Your Health or Face Serious Problems In The Modern World

The law of entropy tells us:

“The entropy of isolated systems left to spontaneous evolution cannot decrease with time.”

In other words, if you aren’t taking measures to improve your health, your health is deteriorating.

And your NAD levels are depleting as well.

Minute by minute, the molecule that gives you optimal function is dying.

Left alone, it’s only a matter of time before your supply gets low.

And you’ll see the difference - a wider waistline, brain fog, less muscle, steeping low energy levels, and more.


Because this stuff hasn’t been taught to us.

We only heard about NAD when we were talking about the electron transport chain.

We were never taught how important NAD is for our health.

Much less, how to boost our levels of it.

And look around…

More than 70% of adults in the United States have been diagnosed with chronic diseases.

One in two American adults are obese (if not you, then who?).

One in four will die from heart disease.

39.5% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point.

And for the first time in history… This generation has a shorter life expectancy than the previous one.

It’s clear…

What We've Been Doing Isn't Working


It’s time for something new.

Something based in science and our history as a species.

That something is The Circadian NAD+ Activation System.

You’ve seen the Nobel Prize winning research.

You’ve seen all the facts.

Now it’s up to you:

Will you take control of your health, or will you let it deteriorate?

I hope you choose the former.

But I recognize most won’t.

Most prefer to be spoon-fed. They want it done for them.

But that attitude leads to more of the same.

So if you’re one to go against the grain, go here:

Unlock Your Full Potential By Boosting Your NAD Levels Naturally

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know The Circadian NAD+ Activation System will work for me?

The Circadian NAD+ Activation System is a repeatable system that’s science-based, research-backed, and field-tested.

In other words, as long as you follow it, it works.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what your age is, or your gender…

The Circadian NAD+ Activation System can help you turn back the clock, supercharge your body, and live life the way it’s supposed to be.

And if for some strange reason, you don’t get the results you desire, you’re backed by my Lean And Mean Money Back Guarantee.

Will I be hungry while following The Circadian NAD+ Activation System?

If you’ve never fasted before, your body will go through a short adjustment period (1-5 days) where you will deal with slight hunger.

But nothing like the low blood sugar, dizziness, or hunger pangs people deal with while enduring regular fasting.

So in short, no - the hunger will quickly vanish.

Do I have to starve myself to follow this system?

No. The Circadian NAD+ Activation System doesn’t use extended fasting. It’s all about hitting that sweet-spot between activating autophagy (which can support NAD levels) and overdoing it.

So we’ll be using shorter fasting windows, which are friendly to both beginners and self-proclaimed biohackers alike.

How long will it take to see results with The Circadian NAD+ Activation System?

It depends on where you’re starting from. But most users see results in the first week.

It starts with subtle changes in energy levels and sleep quality. People feel themselves waking up more refreshed, and when they get home from work, they still have energy. They may even see the number on the scale drop in the first week as well.

Over the long-term, they may see wrinkles start to vanish from their face. Their skin becomes brighter. Their body starts to lean out. And they feel sharper mentally.

It’s important to note, these results will ONLY come if you follow the program as it’s laid out.

Is The Circadian NAD+ Activation System safe for everyone?

Although The Circadian NAD+ Activation System is powerful, it’s not for everyone.

People who are severely underweight, malnourished, or have eating disorders should stray away from The Circadian NAD+ Activation System until those situations are addressed and taken care of.

Pregnant women and those under age 18 should also avoid this method.

And if you’re a type 1 diabetic, things definitely go wrong if you try to follow this method. Type 2 Diabetics are being healed all over the world through methods like The Circadian NAD+ Activation System, but even those individuals should do so under the supervision of a medical professional.

Lastly, if you’re someone who’s weak in willpower,

Is a notorious diet-hopper,

Or is a victim to their circumstances,

This method is not for you.

Everyone else can have a fun and enjoyable time seeing rapid results while following the The Circadian NAD+ Activation System.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you’re backed by my Turn Back The Clock Guarantee. This means if you try The Circadian NAD+ Activation System and don’t achieve the results you’re looking for, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll return your money with a smile on your face.


Unlock Your Full Potential By Boosting Your NAD Levels Naturally



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Before trying anything out, it's advised to consult your physician and understand your current medical condition.

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