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Sleep Better, Recover Faster, and Feel Awesome


Imagine a drug that could do this…

  • Burn more fat and keep it off
  • Increase your intelligence and concentration by 3 times
  • Make you look and feel 10 years younger
  • Have limitless energy during the day
  • Protect against neurodegeneration and diabetes
  • Lower your chance of dying pre-maturely by 13%

That sounds like one hell of a drug. I wonder why they haven’t made one yet?




Despite the presence of a lot of cheap calories and carbohydrates most people still look and feel extremely tired and unable to perform at high levels. They're also suffering from chronic sleep deprivation and other related problems.

There’s mounting evidence to show that the shorter your sleep the shorter your life and the less quality it actually has. Even just sub-optimal sleep is associated with the following conditions:

  • Weight loss plateaus
  • Decreased cognition
  • Acceleration of neurodegeneration
  • Higher blood pressure and risk of heart disease
  • Elevated blood sugar and diabetes
  • Loss of muscle and strength
  • Depression and mental disorders
  • Increased chance of dying

All of that from a bad night's sleep...

Slogans like “Work hard, play hard,” “Sleep is for the weak,” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” are very widespread and thought of as a part of hustling hard. Unfortunately, it’s nonsense and people don’t realize how such a mindset may lead to an earlier death.

After experiencing some of the negative side-effects of sleep deprivation and irregular sleeping patterns first hand in the military and college, I understood the necessity of optimal sleep. Being interested in longevity, anti-aging, high performance, sharp cognition, and six-pack abs myself, I realized how important of a role sleep has on those pursuits.

No matter your situation, you’ll definitely find this course useful. It’s about mastering the art of sleeping and empowering it further. Total Sleep Optimization will teach you how to:

  • Optimize your circadian rhythms and sleep-wake cycles
  • Increase the amount of quality deep sleep
  • Fall asleep faster and pass out more easily
  • Get a better night’s rest and wake up rejuvenated
  • Recover from your physical and mental activities by mastering the art of sleep
  • Overcome weight loss plateaus caused by poor sleep
  • Improve your biomarkers and general health
  • Alleviate insomnia and other chronic sleep problems
  • Hack your biology, so that you wouldn’t feel tired and could perform at your best
  • Not waste time on sub-optimal shallow sleep
  • Sleep faster

Sleeping is the neglected healer, which we tend to forget about. We all could use a bit more of it and at higher quality.

Thanks to researching the topic thoroughly and hacking my sleep, I’ve managed to speed up my recovery and sleep like a baby every night. The walking dead epidemic has lasted for too long and it’s about time we all got some shut-eye.

Siim Land is a best-selling author, public speaker, high performance coach, podcaster, and biohacker. He creates content online about human optimization, performance, longevity, and well-being.


Here's What You'll Get

The Total Sleep Optimization Video Course is a masterclass for optimizing your sleep and circadian rhythms. It can help you to increase your energy, lose weight, manage stress, improve cognition, promote longevity while at the same time recovering faster from daily activities.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 8+ Hours of Video Content
  • 25+ Video Lectures About Total Sleep Optimization
  • Total Sleep Optimization E-Book PDF
  • 15+ Infographics and Flow Charts
  • How to Sleep Better, Faster, and Deeper
  • How to Find Your Chronotype
  • Construct Your Optimal Circadian Rhythm
  • The Best Ways to Improve Your Sleep
  • Top Biohacks for Sleeping Deeper and Faster
  • What Foods to Eat for Better Sleep
  • How to Understand and Analyze Your Sleep
  • How to Fix Irregular Sleeping Patterns
  • How to Sleep When You Do Shift Work
  • How to Treat Sleep Apnea and Insomnia
  • How to Recover From Poor Sleep
  • How to Beat Jet Lag for Good
  • The Best Time to Do Anything

If you want to sleep better, sleep faster, and feel awesome, then this video course is just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the information provided is based on science and backed up by research in the field of human physiology, circadian rhythms, and sleep. Whether or not you're going to get the results you desire depends on how much action you're going to take. The course will give you the guidelines and walkthroughs that you can start to follow.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. There's also going to be future updates and extra videos.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

First Section
  • Introduction Video (2:23)
  • Total Sleep Optimization PDF
  • Sleep Infographs
  • VIP Facebook Group
Total Sleep Optimization Lectures
  • #1 Consequences of Sleep Deprivation (16:03)
  • #2 Sleep Science Explained (20:54)
  • #3 Chronotypes and Sleep Genetics (14:33)
  • #4 Total Sleep Optimization (30:01)
  • #5 Waking Up (16:47)
  • #6 Time Restricted Eating (14:39)
  • #7 Total Coffee Optimization (11:02)
  • #8 Sleep Nutrition (25:13)
  • #9 Sleep Supplementation (18:57)
  • #10 Sleep Tracking (19:14)
  • #11 Polyphasic Sleeping and Napping (11:53)
  • #12 Sleeping Disorders (21:36)
  • #13 Recovery From Poor Sleep (8:32)
  • #14 How to Beat Jet Lag (10:43)
  • #15 The Optimal Circadian Rhythm (14:02)
  • #16 The Optimal Bedroom (11:18)
  • #17 Hierarchy of Sleep and Optimal Circadian Rhythms for Chronotypes (8:36)
  • #18 Sleep Gadgets and Tech (15:30)
  • #19 Stress Management and Chronic Fatigue (6:47)
  • #20 Dream Journaling (8:22)
  • #21 Headaches and Migraine Mitigation (7:43)
  • #22 Frequently Asked Questions (21:18)
  • Conclusion: How to Start Total Sleep Optimization (10:42)
  • BONUS: How to Take a Sauna (9:19)
BONUS Videos
  • My Morning Routine (9:10)
  • Proper Breathing Exercises (28:06)
  • How to Take a Power Nap (5:33)
  • How to Take a Coffee Nap (6:15)
  • Grounding and Sunset Gazing (1:23)
  • My Evening Routine (15:01)


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