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Eliminate Any Guessing Surrounding Eating for Higher NAD Levels With The 4-Week Metabolic Autophagy Meal Plans

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Circadian NAD+ Activation System

What you'll get:

  • 400+ Page Circadian NAD+ Activation System Guide For Increasing NAD+ Levels Naturally
  • Science-Backed Ways to Fight Back Against Aging
  • Why WHEN You Eat is More Important Than What or How You Eat
  • Which Feeding Window is Better: Morning Or Evening?
  • How to Extend Lifespan By As Much As 20-30% Without Supplements (Make This Morning Change)
  • The 3 Main Signals That Set Your Circadian Rhythms (And How to Manage Them For More Energy + Fighting Aging)
  • 8 FAST Tweaks to Align Your Circadian Rhythms
  • An Expansive List of Foods To Eat for Higher NAD Levels + Autophagy Activation
  • The Most Powerful Anti-Aging "Drug" (And How to Use It For Higher NAD Levels)
  • The Optimal NAD+ Circadian Cycle (Step By Step)
  • Siim's Daily Supplement Routine + Approved Supplement List
  • And much, much, much more (This is a 400 page guide, it's PACKED with actionable strategies for energy, youthfulness, and optimal function... Seriously... What are you waiting for? You're backed by a guarantee, so there's no risk today.)

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